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Penguin Platforms specializes in the development of tailor-made websites and applications. We develop website and other online solutions that are custom-made for each client, and therefore flexible, easy to use, and lightweight.

About Us

Established in the year 2000 as IBIS Services in The Netherlands, we have a long track record of servicing clients in Europe and Central America, but also have clients in Africa, Asia and North America. Since 2013 we continue have split the company in two: Penguin Platforms is focused on the development of websites and online applications, whereas Penguin Protocols develops larger, back-end ERP systems for companies. We have adopted a distributed team approach, with team members operating from Nicaragua, The Netherlands, and South Africa. Our headquarters are located in Managua, Nicaragua.

The goal of Penguin Platforms is to develop websites and applications that are tailored exactly to the needs of our clients. We offer personal, professional service and our focus is on providing our clients the most suitable solution at a fair price.

Our Services

After almost 15 years we have learned that we perform best by specializing in what we do best. In the past years we have cut down on the number of services that we offer, and we now provide services that revolve around our specialty.

We develop custom-made websites and applications that are flexible, easy to use, and lightweight.

Rather than using large and complex frameworks that are often bloated with unnecessary tools and functionalities, we write most code from scratch to tailor to a client's specific needs. This makes our code very flexible, and much lighter to run than other websites or applications. We furthermore focus on making use of our websites and solutions very easy, and often very little to no training is required to edit content.

In addition to website development we offer hosting, domain registration, SSL installation, and website maintenance services. With Penguin Platforms you will find all the website-related services under one roof!

Website development projects generally start at US$2,500 and can cost up to US$15,000. Each project is unique and requires a custom quotation. To view our hourly rates, maintenance packages, and other prices, please view our Pricing Page.

How We Work

This section provides a brief overview of how we operate. Before contacting us, we recommend all potential clients to review our approach to make sure this matches your profile.

Basic steps involved in any project:

  1. Initial contact
    Be it through a personal meeting or via phone or e-mail, we have initial contact to get a basic idea of what you need and to see if we can offer this. If so, then we move on to the next step. If not, then we gladly recommend other companies or software that may suit your needs.
  2. Preparation of quotation
    We will prepare a quotation for your website or application, based on the requirements you have expressed. If you don't have a very clear idea of what you need, then we offer to write a functional specification (a detailed description of how things would work) before providing you with a quotation. Our quotations come with a detailed breakdown of the costs, so it is easy to see how the price is calculated.
  3. Contract signing
    For each job, small or large, we elaborate a contract that outlines both your and our own obligations and rights. Our contracts are straightforward and clear with very few complex, legal terms. Work generally commences after receiving an upfront deposit, but the details of this will be outlined in the contract.
  4. Build of a prototype and continuous adjustment until launched
    We will continuously build and share prototypes. Adjustments are made according to your feedback and this process is repeated until the website or application is finished, tested, and approved.
  5. Maintenance
    It is important to remember that websites require maintenance. Depending on the complexity, on planned expansion, and on changing requirements, we can offer a variety of maintenance packages that suit different maintenance needs.

Over the years, we have found that particular characteristics greatly assist in making a project successful. Below is a list of the three project characteristics that we greatly appreciate and look for:

  • Dedication from both sides
    Not only will we be committed to developing your system within a reasonable time frame and within the available budget, but we also need your company to be committed to the project. Providing prompt feedback, discussing the needs of all the internal stakeholders and users involved in the project, and paying bills on time are part of this commitment.
  • One project manager on each side
    While there may be many voices from within your company that should be heard, it works best if you decide internally on one contact person who will channel all communication to us. This ensures there are no contrasting or duplicating instructions, that opinions are properly weighed, and that there is a clear route for communications. The same will apply for our company, and we will appoint one project manager on our side as well.
  • Be as flexible as you want us to be
    IT development is often subject to change. Requirements and priorities may change over time. It is often difficult to visualize your needs without seeing and trying out different options. We are flexible and we are committed to making sure the system meets your needs - even if this means having to change directions halfway through or if we have to rebuild modules after the scope of the project changes. However, it is important to realize that we can only offer this flexibility if you offer similar flexibility in terms of delivery time and budget expectations. From our side, we will ensure clear communication and upfront advice to make sure that the impact of changing directions are clear from the beginning.

We have embraced various principles. Some affect the service we deliver and others are related to our internal operations.

Our main principles are the following:

  • We do not believe in vendor lock-in. Projects will be delivered with the source code and a technical manual, allowing you to switch vendors (or self-maintain) at any time.
  • All our projects come with a 6 month bug-fixing guarantee. Any bugs encountered during this period will be fixed free of charge.
  • We aim to make our work standards-compliant. We generally use the latest standards but we also acknowledge that backwards compatibility is sometimes more important that strict adherence to standards.
  • We believe in a healthy life-work balance. Our programmers are not expected to work during weekends and holidays, or to work unreasonably long days. We generally do not take on rush projects and only rarely make exceptions. These policies notwithstanding, our programmers do happen to stay until late or organize gatherings in weekends to share code and hack away... but this is done purely voluntarily and mostly to learn new skills rather than to work on client projects!
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